Brief introduction to Longquan High School

    Chengdu Longquan High School, located in Longquanyi District, a National Economic and Technological Development Zone in the east of Chengdu, is the only first-grade model senior high school of Sichuan province in the district. With its rich culture, and first-class educational and teaching standard, Chengdu Longquan High School has developed into an ecological, humanized, modernized and international school since it was founded in 1944. This school covers an area of 210 mu (14 hectares), and is reasonably arranged in every section with complete functions, advanced equipment and beautiful settings. There are 78 classes and 3400 students at present. The total number of the staff in the school is 371, of whom 131 are senior teachers (secondary school), 128 first-grade teachers (secondary school) and more than 110 excellent teachers of province, municipality or district level.

    Adhering to the school motto of “Comprehensive education and integrated development”, Longquan High School deepens the curriculum reform, creates models of education and establishes the incentive restriction mechanism with innovation. By means of training distinguished teachers and nurturing excellent students, the school develops a spirit of extensive learning, effective action and aesthetic appreciation. Teachers are careful, creative and enthusiastic and students are hardworking, curious and happy. We teach students both how to be a human being and how to take examinations, which is a feasible way of education for students’ all-around development in the presence of College Entrance Examination in China. Our school starts its moral education from details of students’ habits. It features “the moral education that can be seen” and advocates that “Every schoolboy should be a gentleman and every schoolgirl should be a lady”.  The school pays much attention to teaching students how to be a good person, so the teaching and learning quality has been developing rapidly these years and nearly 5000 students have been admitted by universities like the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University and Beijing University, which makes Longquan High School become one of the top schools in Chengdu.

Brief introduction to the International Department

    Since 2002, Longquan High School has successfully carried out many international cultural exchange activities, and set up the International Department in 2010.  So far, we have already had the cooperation programs with the colleges or educational institutes from countries like AmericaBritain, Singapore, New Zealand, France, SpainItalyKorea, Japan etc. In September 2010, the school successfully enrolled the first international class.

Up to now, more than 400 foreign teachers, students and educational representatives from more than 10 countries have come to visit our school. About 30 teachers of our school have been sent to study, inspect or receive training in Britain, the United States, Australia, SingaporeJapanKorea, Malaysia and other countries, and 3 teachers have got the teaching certification for international Chinese. Over 300 students of Longquan High School have studied overseas, and about 200 students took part in all kinds of overseas international cultural exchange (summer) winter camp activities. To promote the education reforms and cultivate elite students of our school, Longquan High School cooperates with the famous universities at home and abroad, and begins a long term mechanism for top students’ development. Since 2015, the school has organized several learning tours to Tsinghua University and Japan, which is spoken highly by teachers, students and their parents.

    With the internationalization of Longquan High School, more foreign teachers came to teach our students English and courses like French,Korean,Spanish, Japanese, IElTS, A-Level  Mathematics, A-Level Accounting, A-Level physics, A-Level economics and American English have been included in the International optional curriculum of our school, which we believe can help make the students globally competitive with international perspective and profound Chinese culture.

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